Since 1945 HADCO Engineering, Inc. has produced a full line of axle and brake assemblies and components for thousands of light and heavy-duty vehicle applications. Automotive-type steerable axle configurations, single and dual-wheel units with load-bearing capacities up to 18,000 pounds per axle. These are just part of HADCO Engineering, Inc.’s diversified line of products. In addition to complete assemblies, we also sell a full line of individual parts and components for repair of existing equipment or manufacture of new equipment.

Over the years HADCO Engineering, Inc. has served hundreds of original equipment manufacturers producing vehicles ranging from light-duty boat trailers through multi-axle, heavy-duty farm wagons. We maintain a staff of highly trained and experienced engineers, thoroughly knowledgeable in both our products and our customers’ problems, to assist our customers in the selection of components that will give maximum performance at minimum cost.

You can count on HADCO Engineering, Inc. to provide high-quality products that are tailored to your needs, competitively priced, and delivered on schedule. Your inquiries for technical assistance and quotations are cordially invited and will receive prompt attention.